Markus ‘Alturiak’ Gerstner was born in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 1983 and lived there until the end of his alternative military service in April 2004. He then moved to Rendsburg, far in the north of Germany to live together with his girlfriend and to start studying electrical engineering in Kiel in fall 2004.
After about one year, he decided to quit his studies at the university and took up studying computer sciences at the
Univesity of Applied Sciences.

Spending more time on his studies, Markus is aiming to leave university in fall 2008.

His first fourteen years of living were not really relevant to his online-career, so we’re not going to stress them too much. Alturiak used to make the best of a bad job.

Somewhere around 1997, he started to discover the great, wide internet with a powerful 56k-modem and a ping of 250 in Team Fortress Classic, which was his first and long time loved online-game. Alturiak started playing TFC with his clan .pack,
but later decided to join Joined Beyond Darkness – spending even more time with TFC until the beginning of 2003.

In March 2002, he decided to join the Electronic Sports League – Staff to help them running a Command&Conquer: Renegade – Ladder. He later began to run different Warcraft III – Ladders and Pro Series and now tries to make Gunbound a successful League inside the ESL Europe. Additionally acting out some internal duties, Alturiak is always busy trying to find acceptable solutions for any of the involved sides.

2’2005 to 1’2006:
After playing a lot of Warcraft III and being heavily disappointed about Half-Life 2 Multiplayer, he spent most of his gaming time in the World of Warcraft, playing an Undead Priest on Kor’gall.

1’2006 to 8’2006:
Now, that WoW has lost a lot of attraction to him, he got back to Starcraft: Broodwar and Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne to have some fun playing PC-Games again.

10’2006 to 12’2006:
After trying out the ParaWorld Beta, Alturiak quickly got addicted to this awesome RTS containing lots of unique features.
Unfortunately, the impatience of ParaWorld’s publisher Sunflowers lead them to withdraw all the money they planned to spend on ParaWorld Online Tournaments and Leagues, sentencing ParaWorld to death, barely two months after its release.

Focussing on his studies, Alturiak’s playtime has vastly decreased. If anything, he enjoys playing StarCraft: Broodwar, FlatOut2 and Half-Life2 CTF.