Zonker was born in Wuppertal (Germany) in 1983. Recently he and his tree-friend Igor moved to Bruehl (near Cologne) to support a sleeper-cell of mindlessly raving underground-cows. Living closer to the university allowed him to intensify his studies of the dark art of chemistry. Blowing up the whole village was now an option not far away.

Online Career:
Never had one of those.

Offline Career:
Zonker got interested in serious gaming with the Amiga 500. To be honest, he just liked to change floppy disks again and again, instead of actually playing Monkey Island II, for example. Finally, the release of Fallout and its sequel were like the dawn of an addiction. For years he was winning game after game in the ASETN-league (‘Against Someone Else? Then No.’), his success driving him insane. In 2001 the last straw broke and he fell even deeper; Morrowind was here and ripped everything apart.
After 13 years working hard at “school”, his gaming-problem made them drop him like a hot potato. Without a job, girlfriend or nuc-u-lar weapons his desperate situation led him to the holy church, which agreed to give him money for games in exchange for hard social work. They kept him under surveillance for 10 months. Slowly he regained control over the demon of gaming and began his studies afterwards. But… does his recent sympathy for the online-game City of Heroes mean an end of his offline career? Well, no. As a matter of fact, today he bought two games, which he might never even play – just because they were cheap and looked nice. At last, he is still an offline fool.

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